By day, I'm a product designer and by night, I'm the founder and creative director at Delush Polish, an eco-conscious, 5-Free Nail Polish brand that focuses on providing nailinistas with a premium, hand-blended formula that comes in an array of head turning color combinations that is just as unique as every single one of my customers (code name: Delushous Lovelies).

Rewind back to early 2013. As I touch back down into Boston after visiting family in London for the holidays, I never truly realized how life changing that moment would become. Until now. Fresh off the flight, jet lagged no less, I returned home with everything I needed to build my beauty brand. The key ingredients included: passion, determination and faith. First thing I attended to was my logo which I sketched on the plane - I'm telling you, it was the most productive flight I've ever had!

Debut collection ideas, paint swatches, research, testing, buying supplies and testing some more... all lead to the moment I had been waiting for. Come mid February, I was ready to press that publish button. Everything leading up to this moment, the countless late nights, research coming out my ears and ultimately my hopes and dreams of being able to build something more than just a product. A community that embraced individuality and sparked creativity. I shared my debut collection on Facebook and started out on etsy and the rest as they say is history.

Dreams don't work unless you do, and that's exactly what I did, to this day I continue to build a brand that I love, that my customers love, which makes me even more excited for future sleepless nights. I can only imagine where my dreams will take me next.