Thank you for your interest in partnering with Delush.
What We Look For
  • High quality, crisp and clear photographs
  • Professional and thoughtfully written reviews/commentary
  • Active and frequently posts new material
  • Has solid readership and audience reach
  • Bloggers who can create material and showcase our products in a timely manner
All we ask is that you publish an honest review that includes high quality photography, links to our store and all social media channels as well as the permission for us to use your swatch photos in our product listings and promotional materials with credit of course.
We also ask that you are an active and dedicated blogger and that you promptly review the samples we send you within two weeks of receiving your package unless a delay is expected in which case we just need you to let us know. 
All U.S based partnerships are funded at our expense however if you are an international blogger and are interested in blogging about Delush, we'd be happy to send you a blogger package if you are willing to split the shipping costs.
Sign Up Here
If this all sounds good then feel free to sign up at the following link:
Please note, completing this form does not guarantee that samples will be sent, we currently have a waiting list for samples. We look forward to building a great partnership and collaborating relationship with you!