Swirls & Twirls - DP03 Stamping Plate

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Our Swirls & Twirls (DP03) plate is uniquely designed and curated, featuring fun, edgy patterns that can spice up any manicure!
  • Our unique designs are approximately 16x20mm and have been designed to ensure almost any nail size is accommodated.
  • Our designs are beautifully engraved on 6x12cm stainless steel plates.
  • Our plates feature a blue protective film which must be removed prior to use. The film may appear scratched but does not affect the plate’s performance.
Application Tips:
  • Remove protective film
  • Apply nail polish to the selected plate image
  • Using a scraper, swipe to remove excessive nail polish
  • Using a stamper, pick up the image in a rolling motion
  • Stamp the design directly on the nail
  • Follow up with top coat to seal image
*Stamper sets are sold separately.

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